“Matt worked with speed and dedication to craft our website, along with a suite of other publications. His skills are exceptional, and his zeal contagious; but what really sets him apart, in my experience, is his swift intuition. Matt zeroed in on the right palette, the right fonts, the right design aesthetic, almost before we briefed him. I recommend him unreservedly.”
Matthew Scott: Pastor & Team Leader, Lifepoint church

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, SEO, Web Developer

Client: Lifepoint Church

“Matt enthused and encouraged an eclectic group of people to contribute to the wall of thankfulness. He made the process fun and informative & we are proud of the end result.” Kirsty Stewart
"Matt did a really outstanding job with our 2015 Mission Calendars. Matt has exceptional skill with graphic design and photography, and he applied all of his creative talent to this project. More importantly, while Matt has real ability, he is willing to collaborate with the client to design something really beautiful. It was a pleasure for me to work with Matt during this project." Andrew Penhey: Associate Pastor, Lifepoint Church