“C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  Matt! The jury found your work—The colour of blood, outstanding and worthy for its originality and its universal appeal.”
Raphie Etgar,
 Curator & Art Director,
 Museum on the Seam,

Socio-Political , Contemporary Art Museum

COEXISTENCE is a giant, thought provoking outdoor art exhibition that is currently touring the world. Large, striking images bring the theme of coexistence to life and have a great impact on visitors and passers-by. My work ‘the Colour of Blood’ was chosen to be part of the travelling exhibition.

Role: Artist

Client: Museum of the Seam

The plan is to travel to each of these nations to collect one tiny pin prick of blood from the first national willing to donate a small sample of theirs.  As I only had 5 days to assemble my collection for this work, my plan was doomed from the start.  However I had an idea… why not start with my
own blood?
Look and see. Isn’t it obvious? In every nation blood is red. All around the world, in all people groups, the same crimson flow courses through every vein. When we bleed, it’s the same hue – everywhere! This is what connects us as human beings. It’s so for every individual who has ever lived, who is alive now, and who will ever live.