Holi Boli

Matt began the process of our re-branding project by making us think hard about who we are, what we do and why we do it. He was able to guide Holi Boli to understand exactly what market we were in and where we wanted to be.   As our journey progressed, Matt expertly guided us while offering suggestions in the most unobtrusive way. He listened to our dreams and went about producing a selection of ideas that we were able to develop to completion with him.  The end result is a look and feel that is uniquely Holi Boli. We are now very proud of the quality of our image and excited about the clear direction we have to reach our dreams for Holi Boli. Matt is a talented professional that offers much more to a business than just an image —he gives it a soul.
Daniel Wilkinson-Gee: Director, Holi Boli

Partners: Hamish at www.flyingsaucer.net.nz
Liz at www.elizabethj.co.nz

Role: Brand Strategy, Brand, Design, Web design, Art directing photography, Design production

Client: Holi Boli