Finalist—Wellington Regional Arts Review 2020

Lockdown destabilised everything. Our jobs, our hobbies, our relationships. And at the core of the lockdown, we found our identities rattled. Trapped in our own little bubbles, we reckoned with what it means to be a person and probed at the age-old question: who am I?

Lockdown shone a sharp light on the modern project of identity formation – our quest to understand who we are and how we represent ourselves to the world. Never have we had such freedom to self-representation, yet never has this task been more fraught and exhausting. For many, the search for authenticity and self-identification becomes a never-ending DIY project.

Unidentified explores themes of identity construction, meaning and the dark side of aggressive self-definition. Inspired by MC Escher’s paradoxical architecture and Māori tukutuku patterns, the work reflects the struggle of many to define themselves amidst the disrupting forces of Covid-19. With symbolic hints, Unidentified confronts the sinister reality that the corrupted quest for identity leads to – and reveals the human need for true identity from Someone deeper and higher than ourselves.

Role: Artist

Client: Expressions.org.nz